Welcome Back, Bub. Marvel announces Cartoon Inspired Comic Series

A whole generation's worth of animated mutants will be getting the glossy-cover treatment as they hit mainstream comics for the first time in Secret Wars: X-Men '92. The 1992 X-Men Animated Series was a great starting point for many Marvel fans in the early 90's, and it's great to see some characters getting their classic costumes back. Jubilee has never looked better than in those glasses. 

Polygon has the exclusive, as well as some more information from Editor-In-Chief Alex Alonso. The first issue will be available digitally in May, hitting stores in June and will be co-written by Chad Bowers and Chris Simms with Scott Koblish on art. Is it too late for a Spider-Man '98 based on the animated series? Check below the break for the full preview cover by Pepe Larazz.